Vertigo PinPoint™ (Advanced Remote Monitoring)

Advanced Remote Monitoring (ARM) System

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The true end to end solution for a Digital Signage deployment requires a powerful and highly scalable remote management solution to maximize the impact on reliable business activity.

The Vertigo Remote Monitoring solution is a cloud-based remote management platform enabling control of Digital Signage systems and related equipment. Powered by Veritgo's inegrated PinPoint™, the Vertigo Remote Monitoring solution automates system processes, reduces support costs, tracks asset status, and enhances performance with pro-active service, all from a web-based interface that can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

Asset Management & Status

Track and update asset information to create service effciency with a central view on what assets and components are running. Map where the devices are located, including the status, with Vertigo's integrated PinPoint™.

Automate Events, Notifications & Alerts

Alert and Notification Rules enable onsite staff, sales teams, support teams, and help-desk systems when a problem is detected in the field. The system can monitor detailed environment controls such as internal & external temperature, fan speed, ambient light, etc.

There are unlimited escalation levels to send a notification rule if a problem isn’t corrected within a specified time, all configurable on the user interface with just a few clicks. The content of the notification can be dynamically changed based on device data.

Device & Component Monitoring

Supports deployment of multiple dynamic digital signage channels including:

  • Outdoor displays                                          • Video Walls
  • Digital Menu Boards                                     • Multi-Media displays
  • LCDs , LEDs, Plasmas

Software Management

Automatically keeps software running on your endpoint devices up to date. Security patches, software applications, commercial display driver, etc. can all be managed


Highly scalable architecture designed to support multi-type of endpoint devices by leveraging best-in-class network infrastructure and J2EE technology.


Real-time analytics allow users to measure marketing ROI by capturing audience data and deploy targeted ads based on demographics which can be indexed and cross referenced to sales numbers.

Vertigo - PinPoint™ Capabilities Overview

Connect | Control | Transform

Vertigo - PinPoint™, the Endpoint Device Management Platform, enables organizations to increase the performance of connected digital content displays

Remote Management

  • Monitor OS Status: Connectivity, Hard disk, CPU, Memory
  • Monitor Printers
  • Monitor USB Connected Peripherals
  • Remote Repair actions (i.e. restart applications, reboot, scripts and more)
  • Remote Diagnostic Actions (diagnostic logs, screen shots, etc.)
  • Remote Desktop Control (graphic or text)

Software Management

  • Install OS Patches
  • Install Application Updates
  • Customizable installation, activation, deactivation, and uninstallation procedures
  • Optimize transmission parameters for special networks

Asset Management

  •  Create custom filters and profiles to easily manage large deployments
  •  Remotely update configuration information
  •  Synchronize device attributes updates on the device and server
  •  Create custom asset tags

Rules Management

  • Receive automatic notifications when connectivity problems are detected
  • Receive email alerts as soon a hardware or software faults are detected
  • Implement proactive rules to automatically repair the machine
  • Manage scheduled maintenance activities

Secured Roles

  • Single remote management tools for customers, Distributors and Manufacturers
  • Manage devices using robust grouping mechanisms

Security Compliance

  • All communications are encrypted and sent over secure channels
  • Deploy devices into PCI compliant environments
  • Firewall, DMZ, VPN friendly

Reports and Dashboards

  • Report on device attributes and configurations
  • Report on Content Distributions
  • Report on Device Status
  • Report on historical device performance
  • Create custom reports
  • Export reports to CSV, XLS, and PDF
  • Email reports ad hoc/scheduled basis

Scalable Architecture

  • Supports clustering
  • Supports multiple databases (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL)
  • Agent support for iOS, Windows and Linux

Google Maps

  • View deployment on a map with live device status information
  • View a specific device on the map for a device specific detail
  • Additional Option available